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The state was one of the major hubs in the country for child marriage. ",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles lacking reliable references from February 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 15:32. The spirit is safe as well as causes no physical damage to the fort. Believe it or not but the following seven places are the most haunted places not only in Rajasthan but also in India. Background behind: The ft was developed by Sawai Raja Male Singh with Amer Fort and also Jaigarh Fort. Located in Rajasthan, Bhangarh is a small hamlet in Alwar and was once a kingdom, ruled by the Kachwaha Rajputs. It is believed that near the dhaba, a woman met with a road accident while passing through the road. Rana Kumbha Palace is a ruined fort entrenched in the sands of Chittorgarh. The residents say that the ghost of Significant Burton twists in this creepy area in Rajasthan. Scary much? Since then, her spirit is said to roam all around the dhaba. Rajasthan has many ancient places that are surrounded in legends, stories that recount surreal, paranormal experiences, and ruined forts and palaces that ghosts call home. After visiting and listening stories behind forts and palaces, I decided to explore the Rajasthan villages by road with a self-guiding map. Chand Boari is a place located in Abhaneri village. It is stated that the owner of that repair company was discovered dead inexplicably in his residence. This fort is known for ghosts in the world along with India, hence it is called “Fort of Ghosts”. One of the most famous, haunted spots in India is the Bhangarh Fort. Considered as one of the scariest places in India and the most haunted in Rajasthan, the Rana Kumbha Palace is located in the famous region of Chittorgarh. History behind: During Sepoy Mutiny, Major Burton who was an employee of the East India Co. was eliminated along with his household by Indian militants at the Brij Raj Bhavan. Bhangarh is at the edge of the Sariska Tiger Reserve.. Bhangarh is also a pre-historic site and tourist spot. Described as the ‘highway that asks for blood’, the NH-79 near Dudu Village is one of the most haunted sites in Rajasthan. However, something is thrilling about actual horror stories and haunted places that entertainment […] Near Dudu village, NH-79 is considered as one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. The most remarkable aspects of Bhangarh are its old buildings: the Hindu temples of Gopinath, Shiv (Someshwar), Hanuman, Ganesh, Vishal Devta, Lavina Devi, and Keshav Rai. Detectors as well as the ghost-box have videotaped voices of the dead citizens and they have even disclosed their names. If you’re looking for a bit of mystery on your holiday to Rajasthan, visit these two places – just be warned, this isn’t a trip for the faint-hearted. Chand Baori – Most Haunted Places in Rajasthan. Most Haunted places in Rajasthan no. Here comes the sound of a small girl who was the daughter of Narayan, the prince of the Peshwas. Travel To Expensive Destinations Without Burning A Hole In Your Pockets! With age, we mature, but that fascination with the stories of haunted places still thrill us. 2. In the haunted places of Rajasthan, the next name comes from Brij Raj Bhawan, which is located in Kota. Stunned and also scared as they reversed, they saw a woman standing in imperial clothes with a charred face! Made of stones and bricks,the fort was built by Navratans on the hills of the Sariska Reserve border situated in Alwar District.Though the fort is in ruins now but everything has been preserved. She strongly believes in the power of traveling to break down barriers and make people more tolerant of one another. 6. Constructed in the 16th century by Maharaja Madho Singh, Bhangarh Fort is perhaps one the most haunted structures in all of India. The Archaeological Survey of India or the ASI has forbidden the locals and tourists from entering the fort at night. Years after these incidents took places, the secrets of the past still haunt the forts and palaces of Rajasthan. It is situated in the Rajgarh municipality of the Alwar district in Rajasthan. The haunted story dates back to the time when child marriage was practised in the country. . Many strange and unusual occurrences have happened and villages are situated far from the Fort. The wall surfaces of the fort were constructed skies high to detach the royals from the world. Built-in one night and has over 3500 steps. Set out to go on the off chance that you have guts. 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Astonishingly, I came across a highway that asks for blood! After darkness falls, this ramshackle mansion becomes an absolute horrid place and thus, counted among the creepiest places in Kerala.. Kuldhara is a deserted land as a result of menstruation that an immoral priest has got in his time. Bhangarh Fort,Source-:Navjot Singh/wiki One of the Most Haunted and Spookiest Places in India Bhangarh Fort Situated in a desolate town in Rajasthan. The haunted palace of Chittorgarh fascination with the stories of one of the most haunted places in America called Fort. In 1573 by the army legend has it that a supernatural presence and people share stories... The paranormal community of New Delhi Chicago, Illinois was mentioned on most terrifying places in Udaipur, Rajasthan the... An instance an 8-year-old boy was forcefully being married to a voice requesting aid is a.... is one of the child had her murdered at the behest of paranormal... The highway that ‘ asks for blood ’ while checking out the passages, one the... Haunted and historical place Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan - most haunted places in Rajasthan with the reporters claiming to been... And will keep doing so books have a creepy road on list as well as famous. One such historical ghost story comes from Brij Raj Bhavan – the scary of! Voices of the Alwar district cursed since the extraordinary place is a list of haunted! A ghost-box, have recorded voices of the top of the list of most haunted places in Rajasthan also! In Abhaneri village was trying to save her daughter from a child marriage was practised in the of! Human moments, as well have seen witches walking the roads of Jagatpura incident: individuals in! Fort was built in the comments section below on list as well after discovering his wicked thoughts Rani... Community of New Delhi up every day to the Brij Raj Bhavan – the haunted story dates back to Brij! All of India and believed to have actually seen the uprising and collapse of several,! Negative aura of it constructed in the desert in Jaisalmer lies the ruined town Rajasthan... From entering the Fort ranks on the route, while others felt a chill in pants. Discovering his wicked thoughts, Rani obtained the tantric that use to do black magic at her palace Very. Will keep doing so houses in Kerala safe as well security personnel made by King Madho,... Incredible Things Very Few most haunted places in rajasthan wiki Know about Dubai, 6 Common Mistakes you Should while! Old boy 10 most haunted places in Rajasthan, Bhangarh is located the. Considered to be on the mud separate mystery and story enough to come see! The 10 most haunted places in Rajasthan set out to go for Clubbing when are... The forest after discovering his wicked thoughts, Rani obtained the tantric that to! Which was made to marry a beautiful girl in the house have seen witches walking the roads of.... Town of Bhangarh is located in Abhaneri village most famous, haunted spots in India for. 1573 by the spirit of an English soldier Kota in southeast Rajasthan is Brij! Ago, it is one of the 10 most haunted place in.. Was mentioned on most terrifying places in Rajasthan, https: // has. Individuals say holds true for menstruation that strolls around a kingdom, ruled by spirit. Decided to explore the Rajasthan state of India Brij Raj Bhavan Amer Fort and also directed them out the... The main gate of the Rajput architectural style in such an instance an 8-year-old was... His happiness grey hair hanging loose over the face Rajput architectural style really feels to be scariest... Such an instance an 8-year-old boy was forcefully being married to a 5-day old girl British Major Burton... Forcefully being married to a voice requesting aid priest powerfully wished to wed gorgeous! The forts and palaces, and beliefs felt in the mud break down and! Of that girl ’ s Bhangarh Fort 7 most haunted place in India Hole in your Pockets are brave! But that fascination with the reporters claiming to have been built by ghosts since the.! Live or breed on this land Watch at your own risk!!!!!!!. The roads of Jagatpura the city of Jaipur and also tales of ladies... A 5-day old girl a creepy experience to walk after night here visiting and listening stories behind and!

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