Health benefits of fruits and vegetables

APPLES – •Protects your heart. •Prevent constipation. •Prevents diarrhoea. •Improves lung capacity. •Cushions joints.

ALOE VERA •Protects cancer tumours. •Control blood circulation. •Heals physical and radiation burns. •Ends constipation.

ARTICHOKES •Aids digestion. •Lowers cholesterol. •Protects your heart. •Controls diabetes. •Protects against liver damage.

AVOCADOS •Battle diabetes. •Lower cholesterol. •Helps stop strokes. •Control blood pressure. •Smoothen skin.

APRICOTS •Combats cancer. •Controls blood pressure. •Saves your eyesight. •Shields against Alzheimer’s. •Slows aging process.

BANANAS •Protect your heart. •Strengthen bones. •Control blood pressure •Block diarrhoea.

BEANS •Prevent constipation. •Help haemorrhoids. •Lower cholesterol. •Combats cancer. •Stabilize blood sugar.

BEETS •Controls blood pressure. •Aids weight loss. •Strengthens bones. •Combats cancer. •Protects your heart.

BLACKBERRIES •Prevent Parkinson’s disease. •Help haemorrhoids. •Lower cholesterol. •Combats cancer. •Stabilize blood sugar.

BROCCOLI •Strengthens bones. •Saves eyesight. •Combats cancer. •Protects your heart. •Controls blood pressure.

CABBAGE •Combats cancer. •Prevents constipation. •Promotes weight loss. •Protects your heart. •Helps haemorrhoids.

CANTALOUPE (MUSKMELON) •Save eyesight. •Controls blood pressure. •Lowers cholesterol. •Combats cancer. •Supports immune system.

CARROTS •Save eyesight. •Protect your heart. •Prevent constipation. •Combats cancer. •Promote weight loss.

CAULIFLOWER •Protects against Prostate Cancer. •Combats Breast Cancer. •Strengthens bones. •Banishes bruises. •Guards against heart disease.

CUCUMBERS •Skin health. •Healthy hair. •Cancer prevention. •Mosquito repellent.

DATES •Diabetes control. •Liver protection. •Kidney protection. •Promote weight loss. •Combats cancer.

GARLIC •Lowers cholesterol. •Controls blood pressure. •Combats cancer. •kills bacteria. •Fights fungus.

GRAPEFRUIT •Protects against heart attacks •Promotes Weight loss •Helps stop strokes •Combats Prostate Cancer •Lowers cholesterol

GRAPES •Save eyesight. •Conquer kidney stones. •Combats cancer. •Enhance blood flow. •Protect your heart.

GREEN TEA •Combats cancer. •Protects your heart. •Helps stop strokes. •Promotes weight loss. •Kills bacteria.

HONEY •Heals wounds. •Aids digestion. •Guards against ulcers. •Increases energy. •Fights allergies.

KALE •Lung decongestant. •Kidney and liver detoxification. •Increases metabolism. •Prevents cancer. •Slows aging process.

LEMONS AND LIME •Combat cancer. •Protect your heart. •Reduce kidney stone. •Smoothen skin. •Promote oral health

MUSHROOM •Controls blood pressure. •Lowers cholesterol. •Combats cancer. •Strengthens bones.

MANGOES •Boost immune system •Improves memory. •Improves eye health. •Boosts red blood cells.

OLIVE OIL •Protects your heart. •Promotes Weight loss. •Combats cancer. •Battles diabetes. •Smoothens skin.

ONIONS •Reduce risk of heart attack. •Combats cancer. •Kill bacteria (bactericidal). •Lower cholesterol. •Fight fungal infections.

ORANGES •Support immune systems. •Combats cancer. •Protect your heart. •Straighten respiration. •Stroke preventer.

PINEAPPLE •Strengthens bones. •Relieves colds. •Aids digestion. •Dissolves warts. •Blocks diarrhoea.

STRAWBERRIES •Combats cancer. •Protect your heart. •Boost memory. •Calm stress.

SWEET POTATOES •Save your eyesight. •Lift mood. •Combats cancer. •Strengthen bones.

TOMATOES •Protect prostate. •Combats cancer. •Lower cholesterol. •Protect your heart.

WALNUTS •Lower cholesterol. •Combats cancer. •Boost memory. •Protect against cardiovascular diseases.

WATER •Quenches thirst. •Combats cancer. •Conquers kidney stones.

WATERMELON •Protects prostate. •Promotes weight loss. •Lowers cholesterol. •Helps stop strokes. •Controls blood pressure. •Fights dehydration.

The Bounties of Allah

Allah Most High, Our Creator, is aware of our needs. All His bounties and favours (Ni’maat) have been designed by Him for our benefit. The fruit and vegetables created by Allah Ta’ala are full of health benefits. The kuffaar experts who have researched these bounties are more aware of the health benefits than Muslims.

The true health benefits (in both worlds) of fruit and vegetables will be acquired only if these are not neutralized by ingratitude to Allah Most High. When the Muslim displays ingratitude, Allah Most High snatches away the benefits and even the bounties. He says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“If you are grateful, I shall most certainly increase (My bounties) for you. And, If you are ungrateful, then (know) that verily, My punishment is severe.”

 Ways of neutralising the health benefits of fruit and vegetables

  • Sin and transgression
  • Consuming haraam and mushtabah food
  • Consuming Carrion and the plethora of halaalized meats and chicken products
  • Processed foods laden with chemical poisons
  • Over-eating
  • Eating junk ‘food’ such as the muck served by fast food outlets.

And Allah the Most High knows best.

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